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Who I am

I am an entrepreneur, and investor building products in data, privacy, and decentralization. Usually found at the intersection of healthcare, AI, and crypto. Previously, I was the CTO of, building real-world-data platform for clinical trials. We exited to Sharecare, and I was an executive at Sharecare taking it public.

I am currently exploring problems in the payor ecosystem and risk management in crypto.

I advise and help founders / startups launch in healthcare and crypto. I invest as LP in funds.

Some of my previous work

I have launched several zero-to-one products and companies previously. A few examples:

  • Hammer Of The Gods ( - run your entire ML pipeline on any device
  • (acquired by Sharecare) - mobile based multi-omics clinical trials
  • Human API - universal API and transaction rails for any healthdata
  • IEEE DCT - novel biomarkers for decentralized clinical trials

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